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The Holy Bible

After reading this page, please go to current affairs and prophecy. There you will be able to monitor events that are rapidly setting the stage for the earth’s final religious crises. Beginning with the “mark of the beast”, these crises would lead to the close of human probation for receiving salvation, then to the end of the world at the second coming of Jesus [See Revelation 13:11-17; Revelation 14:9-12]

Want to know the Truth about the future of the World, and Planet Earth?

About 2600 years ago, through symbols depicting the rise and fall of European kingdoms, the Hebrew/Christian Bible outlined the history of the earth. Accordingly, the Bible revealed that a time will come when all human beings would have the final opportunity to choose either to follow God’s way, or knowingly disregard His commandments.

This website, True Prophecy presents true and accurate revelations about the future. It highlights the future of the United States of America (outlined in a specific prophecy), and the political, economic, social and religious events that will lead to the end of life as it is known in the world, today.

Throughout these pages, and in specially prepared booklets, readers will follow the dramatic prophecy countdown to the end of the world, and see how prophecy portrays history, the present age, and the future. Alert believers will be able to recognize the final events before Jesus returns to the earth.

The studies presented here will focus also on several end-time topics, tracing through a prophetic sequence, the development of earth’s final crisis: the judgment session currently taking place in heaven, the role of the United States in the final drama, and God’s stern warning pertaining to ‘the Mark of the Beast’ that will center on the Sabbath day of The Ten Commandments. Also, in the spotlight will be the end of human probation, after which no one will ever receive salvation.

Finally, some presentations will describe both the destruction and re-creation of the earth. And the terms, Babylon1), and the Battle of “Armageddon”2) will be interpreted within their correct context.

Further, the truth about ‘death’ will challenge everyone to consider if, in reality, a person can speak to the dead; and whether people actually go directly to heaven at the time of their death. As for the truth about ‘hell’: does it exist now? If so, where is it? If not now, when will it be, and where?

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1) not referring to Iraq in the literal sense
2) this has nothing to do with the valley of Meggido
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